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28 November 2011

it's all cinderella

imagine, if you will, what these blended titles may be.
pick one from each list....


• a stressed-out lawyer

• a busy fashion executive

• a determined bride-to-be

• a workaholic hollywood publicist

• a driven marketing executive

• a successful but overworked business woman


• warily welcomes a stranger into her home

• ends up hitchhiking to her wedding

• meets a life coach and is granted 12 wishes

• is knocked unconscious in a car accident

• is visited by the ghost of her former client

• wishes to see what her life would be like if....


notice i didn't say 'happy endings.' they all, of course, end the same way. a good man will always be more satisfying than a life lived in the business world. nowadays, some women do hold on to their careers, but only once they have reinstated the man where he was meant to be.

her work will then be denigrated, the guy rescues her from some dastardly foe, she thanks (her lucky star, elf, santa, whatever), and they ride off into the future, with bells ringing.

these are all, as you've probably guessed, taken from plots of christmas movies (frequently on lifetime or the hallmark channel). but i ask you: how often must women be sacrificed upon the logs of christmas?

and so as to not come across as an miscreant fool, i will admit that sometimes the protagonist is a man (like nicholas cage or ebeneezer scrooge -- except for that time susan lucci played scrooge). but, i believe, my point is still well-taken. the warmth of christmas mainly serves to remind us that jesus has preferred roles for all of us, and if you choose to rebel against these values, they just may come and make a movie about you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello L,
going back to see what other Hodler you posted in the past, I fell on a picture of young Pound... "Usura"... What a site! d

29 November, 2011 09:29  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

d--i am so happy to hear from you, and wish you calm & happy holidays.

hodler just continues to amaze me.

i'll have to go check out the one you mention as i don't remember, but i will say that in that little group in the '20s there were more guys that let's just say, were i that age then, i'd take up poetry or photography myself. ( though i'd probably already be doing just that!)

too bad he was such a fascist.

29 November, 2011 13:07  

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