japonisme: a diamond in pearls

15 September 2008

a diamond in pearls

her survival was in the recreation of herself; her success was in the recreation of fashion. in the recreation of her life, on, appropriately, lifetime tv, we are shown a lot of truths, a good number of fictifi- cations, and some of the most beautiful players on the screen today.

prettified, possibly, but somehow, the woman is caught. one can view photographs of the original and see that the leap has not been too great.

the costumes are inter- esting, and also appear to be rather accurate. one wonders, now, what the audrey tautou chanel will be like.

we see a woman with a series of affairs, but we are not told they lasted as long as they did, or that they sometimes occurred simultaneously. literally.

we understand easily now how narrow the line between 'courtesan' and 'friends with benefits' might be.

even shirley maclaine, headliner if minor character, disappears in turning into the stoop-shouldered coco, which she pulls off wonderfully.

perusing the real woman's life, as seen through the eyes of the biographers of her lifetime best friend and bitterest enemy, misia sert, we see her as a diamond: beautiful, unique, and hard.

the film does not hide this.

nor does it hide the aston- ishing changes chanel made in the ways women allowed themselves to appear in the world,
hair, fashion; the way we move.

the film points no fingers. what would you have done with this life? i suppose that theme is common to lifetime tv movies; this time they've really out- done themselves.

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Blogger willow said...

This looks great! Nice review.

15 September, 2008 19:34  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

did you see it? they're re-running it constantly

15 September, 2008 20:06  
Blogger Roxana said...

ok, I will see this movie, you've convinced me!

16 September, 2008 07:21  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

oh i hope you can find it, roxy! it a made-for-tv movie... but i think lifetime movies do come out on dvd at some point....

16 September, 2008 07:28  
Blogger PIGNOUF said...

Bonjour Lotusgreen.
J'aime beaucoup la troisième photographie, ambiance calme et amoureuse...
A bientôt...:)

16 September, 2008 09:30  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

merci beaucoup, pignouf, mais je ne comprends pas. laquelle? les deux avec le papier? j'aime ca moi aussi.

16 September, 2008 11:31  
Blogger Liza Cowan said...

Yikes. I fell asleep halfway through the movie. I hope I can catch it on reruns.

16 September, 2008 13:05  
Blogger lotusgreen said...

considering that they've rerun it at least once every night, i think your chances are good.

16 September, 2008 16:17  

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