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05 June 2012

endless wonders

today (or very soon) i'll add an
"endless wonders" column in the
sidebar. (speaks for itself, no?)

these are from a source that has
outdone my best efforts,
& i couldn't be happier.

i once said that this blog was the
only place on the internet where
one might find the complete
calendars of theo v. hoytema.
i now am wrong.

at the Wolfsonian, late publishers
of the astonishing journal DAPA,
have done something wonderful
to their website collections:
they've made them very accessible.

i've left out the months we've already passed in this first calendar,
but with a reminder that you can find the whole thing
at the wolf's site,
not to mention that there are a number of other calendars for 1928
(of which 2012 is a repeat): just enter -- calendar 1928 --
as your search terms.

yes, there's a lot more
(-- calendar hoytema -- gets you that entire set),
and other treasures that take you beyond the calendar world...
and there are other sites of endless wonders....
to be explored....

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